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The simplest and quickest way to enjoy black sesame paste is to spread it on a slice of toasted sandwich bread !

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Buy one at RM24.90 only and you will get one free pack of Hojicha Latte.

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Green Tea For Mooncake Festival

Let's enjoy a cup of green tea this moon cake festival!

Limited Edition Matcha Powder

Grab it now ! We will give a complimetary matcha bamboo whisk for the first 10 customers 

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Japanese Food & Beverage

Products from Japan is one of our business priorities. We believe that the healthy products produced under the strict working ethic of the Japanese nation are in line with our body’s nutritional needs and in line with our business code to enhance the quality of life.

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Organic Food

"I'll be honest. I don't always eat organic food, but at least I choose natural for sure. Mamami Shoppe is my journey to pursue my mother's true passion for an honest path in healthy food. As part of this journey, I quickly realize food is so much more than fuel. The Food we eat not only nourishes every living cell in out body, but also becomes part of us. Once I made this connection, organic or natural food seemed to make their way into my shopping cart more frequently than ever before. This is the way I choose that started Mamami Shoppe and Wave into organic. A special thanks for letting me share my Organic Wave story with you."

Felicia Tan, Founder of Mamami Shoppe

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