Our Story

Healthy Living for Ma Ma's just like Mine.

The inspiration for MaMaMi Shoppe is my own mother, a woman who dedicated her life to providing a healthy living for her family. My vision is to provide everyone’s families a healthy lifestyle by consuming natural, organic, and healthy foods & beverages.
Felicia Tan, Founder, MaMaMi Shoppe.

Mamami Shoppe has a rich heritage of food and beverage importing, trading and distribution dating back over 65 years. The family-owned trading business came into being in 1950, and went on to become an icon of Penang food and beverage distribution. In that tradition, Mamami Shoppe was established in 2008. And in year 2011, we setup TL Unity Sdn Bhd.

Moving forward, TL Unity Sdn Bhd is being established in 2011 to undertake a wider role of business activities.