Vinaigrette, a simple and tasty condiment

Vinaigrette, a simple and tasty condiment

The vinaigrette is a light and aromatic condiment of French origin, perfect for flavoring and second courses based on vegetables and fish. French cuisine is not only synonymous with elaborate and complex preparations, but it can be a great inspiration for simple and extremely tasty recipes. The vinaigrette is one of the best examples: from the French vinaigre which means vinegar, this emulsion is obtained from the emulsion of very few ingredients. Balsamic vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. They must be mixed with the help of a kitchen whisk until a smooth and fragrant emulsion is obtained. Unlike citronette, in which the citrus note of lemon prevails to replace vinegar, the vinaigrette can be customized according to your preferences, decreasing or increasing the acid element. In fact, you can replace the dose of balsamic vinegar to make the emulsion tastier, or keep to the proportion of 1/3 of vinegar and 2/3 of oil if you love a lighter taste. In any case, the preparation of the vinaigrette will be a real child's play: serve it as soon as ready so that the liquid and oily parts remain perfectly mixed together. But if you want to use it later, keep it in the fridge in a glass jar for up to two days. Just shake the jar just before serving to get a perfect result.


In a large bowl, melt a pinch of salt in balsamic vinegar. Pour the oil into the oil and continue to mix vigorously with the help of a hand whisk. Add pepper and continue to emulsify until a homogeneous mixture is obtained in which the oil is perfectly emulsified with vinegar.

Vinaigrette variant

Try to flavor your vinaigrette by adding, for example, the thyme for the fish and marjoram dishes for those based on meat.

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