Fava beans with balsamic vinegar: spring side dish

Fava beans with balsamic vinegar: spring side dish

Broad beans with balsamic potatoes are a perfect side dish for spring. Get fresh beans and new potatoes for a successful dish. It is believed that the beans are one of the first legumes that man has eaten, even more than three thousand years ago. Serve this side dish for a light and healthy dinner.


Wash the potatoes and remove the peel, using a potato peeler. Cut them into slices an inch and a half thick. Put the steamer on the flame and place the potato slices inside, taking only part of the bowl. In the other half of the steamer, arrange the beans, cover and cook for 20 minutes. After the time, if they are cooked, salt and extinguish the flame, otherwise wait a few more minutes. Wash the parsley, dry it with absorbent paper and chop it with a knife. Peel the red onions, cut into thin slices and put them to dry in a pan with a little oil. As soon as the onions are browned, add the cooked broad beans and a sprinkling of parsley and pepper. Season with salt and cook over high heat for ten minutes. Prepare a bed of beans and onions on a plate and place the potato slices on top. Pour a few drops of balsamic vinegar and raw oil, then sprinkle with other parsley and serve.

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