Panora’s Magazine Highlights

Panora’s Magazine Highlights

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Yit Foh's Tenom coffee has been loved by local since 1960 and it's now known as Malaysian souvenir. 

Yit Foh Tenom coffee have 2 types brewing methods, drip & teabag ; 3 types of coffee Italiano, Americano and Java ; 3 types of flavours original, with milk and with sugar. 


Drip coffee box : RM15.90 each (8 packs)

Teabag: Original RM8.90 (12 packs), with sugar RM9.30 (12 packs), with milk RM10.50 (10 packs)

*RM7.95 per person when you share 1 drip coffee box with 2 persons.  RM3〜3.5 per person when you share Teabag type with 3 persons.

Sole distributor for West Malaysia Mamami Shoppe Ms Felicia's comment:
I personally drink this coffee everyday.
You can order this coffee at Sarang Cha cafe so you may try it before purchasing.

Panora comment:

We can find this coffee at most of the supermarkets in Malaysia so it's easy and convenient to buy it.

※ You can purchase at Sarang Cha, and major super markets (ISETAN, SOGO, AEON, VILLAGE GROCER, BIG)

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